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T. L. Barrett

Publishing Credits:
Short Fiction- 30
Novels- 3

The weird writer of horror, science fiction and fantasy, T. L. Barrett (Travis Lee) lives in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom with his wife and sons. He enjoys reading, spending time on the Connecticut River, acting, tabletop games, exploring ruins and haunted places, drinking tea, waxing philosophical and is a cinephile. He taught high-school English for twenty two years and helped raise a passel of children before dedicating his life to his writing. He is excited to share his love of all things speculative through his web presence with  offerings of his work and speculative fiction and film reviews and analysis.

T. L.

Poetry Corner

Short Stories


A funny fantasy

Dragon Wager

A fantasy tale about a Solstice to remember.

Thorbadin's Dillema

A sword & sorcery tale of Crimm.

The Witch-Father

Art inspired by the writing of T. L. Barrett

"Mother Cassie Goes on Account"

Illustration by Marge Simon - Mystic Signals Issue 7

Deedee Davies


Side Show Fables

Cover art by Don Furbush

Cover art by Don Furbush

 Jessica Lucero

Art by Levi Tetreault

Painting by Curtis Hale

Painting by Curtis Hale